In-house training


Food law is constantly changing, since the food sector itself is in constant evolution, whereas the law order (and especially the European Union) seeks to respond with new rules almost every day. Food businesses have, therefore, a continuous need to train their staff, in order to have in-house human resources able to deal with day-to-day legal issues, and in order to adjust its production structure to the largest and most important legislative innovations (e.g. to brand new rules on labeling). is an entity made up of people studying food law at the university level, within research projects, participating in national and international conferences and symposia, and issuing scientific publications and legal works accredited to the criteria of the Italian National Agency fo the assessment of University and Research (ANVUR).


The experience acquired in the academic field by the team of began with food law courses at the University of Ferrara (one of the first Italian universities to establish a chair of Food Law in the early 2000s, subsequently funded by the European Commission in the framework of the Jean Monnet Lifelong Learning Program) and with post-graduate specialist training:

- teaching in Masters

- Teaching in postgraduate courses

- Seminars in PhD courses

- Seminars in Erasmus Intensive Program.


This experience is now made ​​available to companies (or to groups or associations of companies) who want to carry out at home, at theri headquarters, ad hoc training programs for their staff. Please don't hesitate to contact to assess the feasibility of a project of in-house training.